New Zealand Character

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About a year ago, a few of us headed out for a photographic day trip from home in Plimmerton up to Mangaweka, a township on  State Highway One, Manawatu-Wanganui region.  The idea was to capture a few of New Zealand’s typical abandon buildings along the way.  While it is not usually something I aspire to, a day exploring and photographing is always a great day to me – so I wasn’t going to decline!  After downloading them in the ‘file management’ system – they were pretty much forgotten, then a few months later partially edited.  I spotted them again this morning and decided I quite liked what was there.  This is a few of what we found and where we went…

Mangaweka 21 Mangaweka 20 Mangaweka 19 Mangaweka 18 Mangaweka 17 Mangaweka 16 Mangaweka 15 Mangaweka 14 Mangaweka 13 Mangaweka 12 Mangaweka 11 Mangaweka Mangaweka 8 Mangaweka 7 Mangaweka 6 Mangaweka 5 Mangaweka 4 Mangaweka 3 Mangaweka 2 Mangaweka 1