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As photographers, often we are looking outwards for a source of inspiration.  One Sunday morning, lying in bed having my morning cuppa, I was giving myself the luxury of reading a photography magazine before getting on with the onerous task of preparing for a special birthday event to be held at ours!  The weather had been uninviting over the winter and there had not been a lot of time to get out and about. I put my magazine down and had a little non-thinking moment.  As the light started to filter through the bedroom – there was a photo opportunity right in front of me!  Picking up the camera and setting the camera to double exposure – the source of my subject being the light coming through the venetian blinds – I experimented with double and triple exposures twisting and tilting my camera this way and that.  Having had a bit of fun, a few weeks later – after the ‘party’ – I downloaded the images, cropped them slightly and shifted the colour tonings in Lightroom.  Feedback most welcome!Lightshaft