In the paddock – poetry and photography


Emerging Light Gallery in Plimmerton holds an annual collaboration event, connecting Poets and Artists from Wellington to Kapiti.

The recent exhibition for 2015, Con-fluent, bought together 11 Artists and Poets, each diverse in their chosen media in a collaboration to produce works inspired by the collaboration process itself.

IN THE PADDOCK is a poem written by Jane George. Our paths crossed inadvertently through a lovely lady and artist Janie Walker who bought our two pieces together.  The photograph is from a body of work that focused on subtleties of our environment that are missed, imagery taken to slow down the world to capture the non-literal view and simplifying the image through colour and light.  Jane’s poem indicates peacefulness and a quietness that also asks that we slow down, take in the environment and look to the simpler miracles in the life around us.


by Jane George

Photography by Destinarose Munro

No danger here, just a bumblebeesoftviews 4

treading water, circling in the trough.

I scoop her up with cupped hands, set her kindly

on the grass to dry her dwarf wings in the sun.

I’ll sit on the overturned, rusted bathtub,

watch her convalesce, and admire the pied ducks,

who return because their duck great-grandparents

came here when it was wetland.  Whareroa Stream

sings along past the cattle stop all the way to the sea.

There is no war or killing in this paddock of moments.

Even with the horse it’s just an ear-shake or shoo-fly tail.

… Bzz-bzz-bzz,

now the bee takes off, miracle of aerodynamics,

cargo on a mercy mission to save the world.